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The Jobs Page is under construction.
If you would like to be considered, please email or fax a resume to or 212-997-4183,
and we will contact you with any opportunities that might be available.
You may also find your desired job title, below, and click the link to be directed to our online application.


Please visit Job Descriptions to learn the skill qualifications expected of our candidates.  

If you do not see the title listed here representing your profession or a specific job pertaining to your talent is not listed, contact Robin and tell her your needs!  Sometimes we don't get the chance to list our excellent opportunities on our website, so if you don't see what you want, contact us anyway!



Head Gardener

Personal/Executive Assistants



Private Driver


Major Domo


Estate/Household Manager




Updated: January 9, 2012


  Butler - Job Code: Butler - Apply now


 Chef - Cook - Job Code: Chef/Cook - Apply now


  Couple - Job Code: Couple - Apply now


  Estate or Household Manager - Job Code: Estate/Household Manager - Apply now


  Head Gardener - Job Code:  Gardener -  Apply now


  Houseman - Job Code: Houseman - Apply now


 Major Domo - Job Code:  Major Domo -  Apply now


  Personal and Executive Assistants - Job Code: Personal/Executive Assistant - Apply now


  Private Driver - Job Code: Driver - Apply now


  Other Positions - Apply now


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